Security isn’t just about maintaining your peace of mind as a property owner. It’s something that you need as a human being and it’s even earned a place on Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of Needs. Unfortunately, many businesses operate with just the bare minimum or less when it comes to security measures. Here are 5 measures you can consider if you’d like to beef up your small business’ protection.


Brighter Lighting

Something as simple as keeping your perimeter well lit can have a deterring effect on would-be intruders. This is not to say that lights alone will save the day, but the inability to hide in shadows will make your property at least a bit less attractive for mischief.


Install Cameras

Cameras can keep an eye on things even when you can’t. They present a particular threat to intruders because they may yield evidence that ties them to your property if a crime is committed.


Assess your weaknesses

You should have a fair idea of the relative security of all points of entry and the ways the can be accessed or breached. With this information, you can formulate safety checklists for opening and closing your compound that all staff can be informed of.


Train your staff

Just as each chain is only strong as its weakest link, your compound is only as secure as your least competent member of staff. Ensure that anyone with the ability to grant access to the building is both loyal and fully aware of all relevant security measures and why they must be used in the appropriate manner.


Hire a good firm

Much of what we touched on in the other points can be more easily implemented with a good security firm on your side. Professionalism and experience go a long way in identifying the less obvious threats and working toward reducing or even eliminating them.


Until an incident occurs, it can be tempting to assume your existing security measures are adequate. Sadly, those are the types of assumptions that can lead to incredible losses should the unthinkable occur. If you’d rather be safe than sorry, give us a ring.