History of Scott’s

Scott’s Specialized Security Services was founded in 2016 by Brian Scott after over 20 years of working in the industry. Having an insider’s perspective and an intimate understanding of security best practices has allowed him to direct the company in the consistent delivery of solutions that exceed customer expectations. A major part of that comes from the building and training of an outstanding team.

Our security providers are highly adaptable, well-trained and regularly retrained as new technologies and more effective methodologies emerge. This is essential to ensure customer safety as well as to deliver our services in a professional manner in keeping with our company’s mandate.

In commemoration of Brian, please peruse our dedication to the man who founded Scott’s Specialized Security Services.

What our clients say about us?

I felt comfort in knowing that Brian and his team had the event secure and kept people safe whilst having a good time.

Great service, good team and a great business to have on your side. Would highly recommend.

The best local choice for security in Bundaberg and surrounding areas. No job is too big or small. Great to work with.

We hold the following qualifications/licenses to operate:

Security Firms Class 1 / Class 2 – 4383156
Queensland Labour Hire License – LHL-04418-C0S9J
Certificate of Currency – SG0004771X {Coversure Pty Ltd}
WorkCover Queensland (COC) – WSB200297782
Certified Corporate Group Member with SPAAL No. GM4422

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