Keep your business safe with Scott’s.

Established in 2016, Scott’s Specialized Security Services provide comprehensive security solutions, including crowd control, static guards, cash in transit, including asset protection, armed and unarmed guards, and mobile patrols.

As a locally owned and operated business founded on Brian Scott’s commitment and passion for delivering innovative security services in diverse environments, his legacy continues as a family-run business. Thanks to our dedicated team, tanked with years of industry expertise as Security Providers, we aim to develop a security solution that will exceed your expectations, all while staying within your budget.

If you have any security questions or concerns, you can trust our skilled team at Scott’s Specialized Security Services. Servicing clients throughout the Wide Bay/Burnett region.

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Top 5 Security tips you can do right now

Top 5 Security tips you can do right now

Security isn’t just about maintaining your peace of mind as a property owner. It’s something that you need as a human being and it’s even earned a place on Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of Needs. Unfortunately, many businesses operate with just the bare minimum or less...

Why it’s important to take your security seriously.

Why it’s important to take your security seriously.

Many businesses and homes may have had the good fortune of not experiencing a burglary, trespassing or other similar incidents but that should not be taken to mean that they are secure. Lady Luck is not a security consultant. Here are few reasons why you should always...

How secure are your assets?

The security of your business, home and personal assets is important to us, that is why we have created a self check audit checklist for you to explore any potential upgrades to security. Enter you details below to have a FREE Security Self Check Audit Checklist sent straight to your inbox.  

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