Many businesses and homes may have had the good fortune of not experiencing a burglary, trespassing or other similar incidents but that should not be taken to mean that they are secure. Lady Luck is not a security consultant. Here are few reasons why you should always take your security seriously:


The impact of a breach can be lasting

Aside from the trauma of having your property stolen, your information may also be accessed, used or even sold by criminals. This can open the door to identity theft, credit card fraud and a host of other disturbing outcomes that could plague you for years.


Downtime can be a setback

In the aftermath of a security incident, you may need to replace crucial stock and equipment depending on what was taken. If food items appear to be compromised, they would have to be discarded. All of these can lead to a loss of competitive advantages. This loss can be temporary or permanent depending on when it occurs.


Security risks scare customers

Customers shop more freely when they feel safe. Even a favourite good or service can be rejected if the thought of being in danger becomes associated with it. That means that competitors with safer premises can take up your market share.


Security risks endanger staff

An unsecured compound can leave your team vulnerable to assault or even death. While these possibilities are difficult to contemplate, they must be noted so the right measures can be taken to prevent them.


While many other negative consequences of lax security could be mentioned, these should give you a sense of why your property needs to be protected at all times. You don’t have to figure it out alone. Our team is always here to help.